I can’t remain silent. Pain is tearing my heart apart from within… Hundreds of civilians are dying, including children!! In Mariupol: a maternity ward, a drama theater, and an art school – what were those? Military targets ⁉
For me, this is no longer about Russian tyranny, Russian lies, Russian barbasirm, and Russian stupidity … over these 25 days, it became obvious to everyone …
The actions that just keep repeating themselves today have formed into a clear pattern – THAT’S IT. I thereby deny them humanity…
Why? Because humanity is the moral of humanism.
It’s neither power, nor wealth, nor technology, nor the size of the country…
Russians have no humanity in them. Period.
Now, for me, all “citizens” of Russia, or better say, population of this territory, are divided into four categories:
☠️ War criminals
💀 Accomplices of lies
💩 Victims of persecution
😰 Crime witnesses
I don’t see any other.
I will accept any disagreement, but I’ve already passed my judgment
… the worst thing that can happen to people has happened in what’s once been Russia …
… It’s neither a military, nor economic, nor political, nor social but MORAL catastophe…
… All that is human has been destroyed in them…